Take the Challenge, Enter the World of QWOP Unblocked

You played and he won. Yes, that was the case with Bennett Foddy when the QWOP game helped him to get 30 million hits on his site.

Bennett Foddy in the 2008 created a flash game for his site Foddy.net and that game was QWOP. This game became very much popular and is still very much favored by many people. The simple user interface is the biggest reason behind its wide popularity. The QWOP Unblocked games are played by millions of people on the internet. It has been a tremendous success in the world of flash games. Here, the player is participating as an athlete in an event of running 100 meters in the Olympic.

QWOP UnblockedInstructions
The instructions of QWOP unblocked version are simple and easy to remember. The basic challenge of the player here is to control the movement of the runner. This movement is controlled by the movement of the legs. Thus, the job of is to control the both legs of the runner to make the running perfect and fast.

The control keys of the game justifies the game's name quite perfectly. The four controls Q, W, O and P are the essential parts of this game . The 4 keys divide the movement of the two most important parts of the leg- thighs and calves. The Q key helps to put the runner's right thigh forward and takes the left thigh in the backward position and the W key does the exact opposite things on the thighs. In the same way O and P works on the calves of the runner. The basic job is to control these four keys in parity with each other.

A Game with Reputation
The game's controls and instructions are quite easy to understand and, but at the same time it is very difficult to master. As a player you will always feel that you are on the verge of making it. The game will be a struggle and as a player you will enjoy that struggle. Due to Its popularity on internet, the game went on to feature in the Museum of Modern Art in the New York. In 2013, Roshan Ramachandra from India was awarded by the Guinness World Records for completing the 100 meter in the fastest ever time, 51 seconds. So, the stakes are quite high here and you can become instantly a reputed name in the world of gaming if you can play it well.